About the Free Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of EZChangeLog is a limited version of the program.

You can create an unlimited number of projects and enter an unlimited number of ChangeLog entries per project.  You can export these items to create a Version History for your documentation or website.

The other advanced features of EZChangeLog Professional (such as the Bug Tracker and Project Planner) are disabled.

It is a free download... No strings attached.

There is nothing to sign up for and we do not ask for your E-mail address.

Our hope is that you will try EZChangeLog and find it useful and easy to use.  Then if you see the need for the features that are included in the Professional Edition, you can simply purchase it when your ready. 

Any data that you enter into the Free Standard Edition will still be there when you install the Professional Edition.  You’ll just be able to do more with it as you enjoy the new program features.

Upgrades are free too!

Since the Free Standard Edition includes the core technology for the Professional Edition of EZChangeLog, we will upgrade it whenever we change those parts of the program.

The updates are free of charge and can be downloaded and installed using the Check for Updates option on the Help menu.

Click here to view the System Requirements.

Click here to view the Version History (generated by EZChangeLog!)

EZChangeLog Standard Edition
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