Version 1.7.0 - Updated on 11/11/2010
[Improvement]: Added manifest and installer for Windows 7 support
Version 1.7.0 - Released on 4/01/2009
[Improvement]: Different icons are now used to show which ChangeLog entries are Public and which ones are Private
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#19] Added default Charset to HTML templates AND add a field where the developer can define a different charset as needed
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#16] Default comments get re-inserted after a clear when the Export settings are changed
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#22] Mouse Scroll on Project Planner does not work
[Fix]: Fixed bug where full browse lists only displayed a partial row of data at the bottom.
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#18] Installer needs to require user to run as Administrator
Version 1.6.0 - Released on 12/19/2008
[Feature]: Added basic HTML version of export for Version History and What's New
[Feature]: Added a "Select" main menu option so you can change projects without going back to the project list.
[Feature]: Added option in Program Settings to change the data path to a shared location and enabled full multi-user access
[Feature]: Added option in Program Settings to remember browse filters and restore them in the next session.
[Improvement]: Added Close and Print buttons as well as the preview filename to HTML/XML previewer.
[Improvement]: Improved Change Log export error reporting when no records meet the export criteria.
[Fix]: Corrected problem with sort order when log entries were exported by type.
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#14] Description in Feature Request needs to be a required field
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#9] Check for Updates Window not gaining focus on Vista
[Fix]: Corrected spelling error on default text sent to changelog when an item was marked completed.
Version 1.5.1 - Released on 12/06/2008
[Fix]: Corrected display problem with selected text colors being hard to read
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#12] - removed all checkbox transparencies and set background colors instead
Version 1.5.0 - Released on 12/02/2008
[Feature]: Completed adding filtering (as in the Feature Requests) to other browse lists.
[Improvement]: Completed Project Summary
[Improvement]: Completed Change Log Code
[Improvement]: Completed Project Planner
[Improvement]: Completed Project Ideas
[Improvement]: Added quick list reports for all tables except Project Planner
[Improvement]: Added visual indicators to input fields
[Fix]: Corrected problems with tab order on some screens
[Other]: Completed Set Help IDs
[Other]: Completed Writing Help File
Version 1.0.7 - Released on 11/28/2008
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#5] Vista, main screen switches to Project Planner on gain focus after going to other app via Taskbar
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#6] Start and Run combinations that do NOT have a Hot Key defined not allowed
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#4] Bugt where Project Planner info on summary screen not always displaying correct value on startup for Last Release Date and Last Release Version.
[Change]: Added XML Preview support
[Other]: Completed Export to XML of ChangeLog entries
[Other]: Updated the tooltray tip to show active project name with the program name
Version 1.0.6 - Released on 11/27/2008
[Feature]: Completed New Ideas Code
[Improvement]: Added DateStamp to Projects screen
[Improvement]: Changed to spin boxes for all "Priority" entry fields
[Improvement]: ChangeD "TimeStamp" to "DateStamp" in all instances
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#2] ChangeLog entry gets reset to "Last Date Used" when adding new record.
Version 1.0.5 - Released on 11/26/2008
[Feature]: Completed Complete Bug Tracker Code
[Improvement]: Added function to return tree top level description (to solve problem of blanking after maximize/minimize).
[Improvement]: Added Project Planner Summary to main Summary screen.
[Improvement]: Corrected calendar buttons on all fields to return to the previous date selected (if any).
[Improvement]: Added calendar buttons to Projects to select Start and End dates.
[Fix]: Fixed [BT#1] Clicking Timestamp in Feature Request screen sends date to E-Mail address field
[Fix]: Fixed resizing on Project Planner, Feature Requests and ToDo List.
[Fix]: Fixed bug in Project Planner that would cause the "Enable Stats" field for Groups and Items to be marked as disabled after the initial session.
[Fix]: Fixed bug on Feature Request where Timestamp was entering date into E-mail address field.
Version 1.0.4 - Released on 11/25/2008
[Feature]: Added option for "One-Click" activation from projects list.
[Feature]: Added an E-Mail Data table that allows storage and reuse of frequently used Name/E-Mail address pairs.
[Feature]: Completed Create an easy way to track feature requests
[Feature]: Completed Automatically Activate Project when clicked in Projects list
[Improvement]: Added code to ToDo List and Project Planner to mark an item as completed and create a ChangeLog entry from it in one click.
[Improvement]: Added square brackets around ChangeLog Entry Type in Release View to make it easier to read.
[Improvement]: Added automatic reset of Export to Text if Export to Clipboard is selected.
[Fix]: Fixed problem where a cancel after changing the program settings was not reverting to the old values.
[Fix]: Fixed bug where Version History text report was getting extra spaces at the end of the page break.
[Fix]: Fixed bug where Version History PDF was getting the bottom cut off because the page length was too long.
[Fix]: Fixed problem where ChangeLog export for "What's New" was not being grouped by type in PDF or TXT format.
[Fix]: Fixed problem where Export to Clipboard had trailing spaces on the end.
[Other]: Completed Feature Requests Code
[Other]: Completed Project Planner Code
[Other]: Completed ToDo List code and report.
Version 1.0.3 - Released on 10/30/2008
[Feature]: Added the abiity to right-click a release header and change the status of all items in it to "UnReleased".
[Improvement]: Added right-click popup menu support to Release View of Change Log
[Improvement]: Added the abiity to right-click a release header and change the release information (version and/or date).
[Improvement]: Updated internal numbering system of ChangeLog entries to better support future expansion.
[Improvement]: Added "Release" column to Data View of Change Log.
[Improvement]: Changed top toolbar buttons to show a "latched" state so that you can tell which button is active when you are on the sub menu.
[Improvement]: Added right-click popup editing to browses
[Fix]: Fixed problem in program options where selected text was not displayed correctly.
[Fix]: Reset margins on PDF reports to avoid the appearance of a hard right margin.
[Fix]: Changed TXT reports to output to a zero top and left margin. This corrects the issue of extra spacing before the text.
[Other]: Fixed problem where ECL stopped going to the system tray when minimized
Version 1.0.2 - Released on 10/23/2008
[Feature]: Added option to Change Log Entry form to default the Date Added to today's date or the last date used. The last date used is automatically displayed beside the option button. This will make it faster to enter old change log data.
[Feature]: Added export order to allow users to control the sequence in which change log types get exported.
[Feature]: Added program settings option to set user default for add to "What's New?" list.
[Feature]: Added a "Export to Clipboard" option that will copy the text version of the export to the Windows clipboard if selected.
[Feature]: Added Data View for Change Log Entries
[Improvement]: Added the ability to sort exports by order entry or to group by change log entry type
[Improvement]: Added error checking for Folder Name and Product Token in Project Setup.
[Improvement]: Added error checking to release screen to prevent users from releasing with a version that matches the previous version.
[Improvement]: Completely upgraded the user interface with the PowerToolbar, panels to offset text and clean new standardized layout.
[Fix]: Modified change log entries so that blank entries are not allowed
[Change]: Added calendar button to lookup dates on Change Log Entry form
[Change]: Added export for Version History and What's New
Version 1.0.0 - Released on 10/07/2008
[Feature]: Added code to prevent multiple copies of EZChangeLog running (current copy will come to the top or out of the tool tray).
[Feature]: Created "Rescue" program to reset the startup values for EZChangeLog in case a user has it configured for running in the background and forgot the hot key.
[Feature]: Added advanced program startup options that allow you to control how the app starts up, if it runs in the system tray (or as a background window) and even options to restore the app with a hot key.
[Improvement]: Added DDE/Mutex code to prevent multiple copies of the app from running and to bring forward the current copy if one is open.
[Improvement]: Added message on startup to remind user what the hotkey is when the program is configured to run without icon or on tasktray when minimized.
[Improvement]: Improved design of projects edit screen
[Improvement]: Added code to display Expand/Contract buttons for taskpanel that appear if there are released changes.
[Change]: Added new form for releasing new change log entries
[Change]: Implemented processing to convert unreleased change entries to released ones.
[Change]: Added option in program settings to set default value for marking items for publish or not