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An Introduction to EZChangeLog
Free Standard Edition
Professional Edition
Installing EZChangeLog
Multi-User Installation and Setup
Registering Your Software
Configuring EZChangeLog
General Program Settings
ChangeLog Entry Type Settings
Program Startup and Operation Settings
Export Templates
Using EZChangeLog
Project Summary
Selecting a New Project
Project Form - General Information
Project Form - Notes
Project Form - Tracking
Change Log
Release View
Adding a Change Log Entry
Creating a Release
Editing a Release
Change Released Status
Data View
Exporting the Change Log
Exporting as Version History
Exporting as What's New
Bug Tracker
Bug Tracker Form - General Information
Bug Tracker Form - Report Details
Bug Tracker Form - Case Notes
ToDo List
ToDo List Form - General Information
ToDo List Form - Additional Task Notes
Feature Requests
Feature Requests Form - General Information
Feature Requests Form - Details
Project Ideas
Project Ideas Form - General Information
Project Ideas Form - Details
Project Planner
Project Planner - Group Form
Project Planner - Item Information Form
Project Planner - Item Notes
Other Program Screens
Frequently Used E-Mail Addresses
About EZChangeLog
Getting More Help
Other Information
System Requirements
Copyright Information
License Agreement
Version History

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